Birmingham Socio-economic Footprint

Our True Value of Retail Report reveals that our retail destinations across Europe are responsible for creating 40,000 jobs, the majority of which are taken by people local to the communities we serve. Altogether, this generates some £800 million in employee wages, a large proportion of which will be redistributed into the local economy.

For the full headline figures and to download the group wide True Value of Retail Report visit our Socio-economic Footprint page.

Birmingham True Value

Here we look at the footprint for Birmingham and explore some of the projects in place that are delivering these impacts. We launched the Birmingham footprint in Autumn 2018 to stakeholders from the city.

The Public Purse

£12.6 million income tax to the Exchequer 

£22.7 million in business rates to the public purse 

Investment in the community 

£4.3 million invested in training and development opportunities for local people

£362.6 million of inward investment attracted to the area

Explore the Birmingham Footprint

Our Birmingham Socio-economic Footprint Case Study gives you all the key data and introduces some of the projects already underway and delivering positive impacts.

To download a printable version please use our Birmingham Socio-economic Footprint Case Study