Hammerson’s 2018 Sustainability Report

​2018 has been another busy year for Hammerson and our focus on excellence has continued to deliver strong sustainability outcomes. Here’s just a small snapshot of some of our sustainability ‘wins’:

  • 18% year-on-year reduction in carbon emissions for the EPRA like-for-like portfolio.
  • 6% year-on-year reduction in energy demand delivering £790k of savings for the business and service charge.
  • 99.8% of operational waste diverted from landfill and 75% recycled.
  • £1.7 million was directly invested in 472 local charities and organisations through cash and in-kind support and over 41,000 young people have been engaged in activities.
  • Hammerson employees volunteered over 4,000 hours for worthwhile charitable causes in 2018.
  • Net Positive carbon emissions are down by 35% year-on-year and Hammerson employees’ Butterfly Bank pledges have helped – particularly meat free Mondays.

It is always difficult to pick a standout project from the year so we have whittled it down to 6:

  • The car-port PV array at Leeds Victoria – the first car-port system on a centre in the UK – great for views of Yorkshire.
  • New smart metering software to monitor electricity, gas and water demand on a half hourly basis at 8 of the UK assets.
  • LED installations expected to save 390MWh of power annually – enough to power 48 homes for a year.¹
  • Savings of over 400 tonnes of cement – the most environmentally damaging element of developments – through the specification of recycled cement replacement at Les 3 Fontaines, Cergy.
  • The arrival of chickens in the contractors compound at Les 2 Fontaines to eat the food scraps, provide eggs for the contractors and support their health and wellbeing.
  • Support and funding for 9 PopUp Business School events, engaging 555 people and leading to 146 people starting a business either during the workshops or immediately afterwards. 

¹ EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

Download the full version of our 2018 Sustainability Report below

Download the summary version of our 2018 Sustainability Report below