Creating Inclusive Centres

We’re committed to understanding and responding to locally specific community needs and adapting to the needs of a changing population.

Our Approach to Inclusion

We approach the adaptation of our centres in a number of ways, including:


Community led design: We want our centres to serve the community today and in the future.  We aim to do this by involving individuals from across all sections of the community in the design process. At Brent Cross, the Consultative Access Forum considers, reviews and comments on the development.  It is chaired by the leading disability and inclusive design consultant Tracey Proudlock.

Understanding disabilities: We are focused on working towards being Dementia-friendly centres.  It is estimated that by 2021 there will be over one million people with dementia in the UK. We want our centres to be safe and welcoming places for everyone.  We’re doing this by encouraging staff to become Dementia Friends and providing guidance/training for our staff and tenants. In 2018, all centres took part in Autism Hour and Purple. Subsequently, due to the success of Autism Hour, regular quiet hours are being trialed in some centres. 

Celebrating diversity: Our centres and developments are located in the heart of some of the most diverse communities in the world.  Each centre/development has a community plan, which is underpinned by understanding the needs of the particular community.  We regularly work with organisations and local people to involve them in developments and centre activities.

Working in Partnership

Working with local organisations is key to understanding the local needs, and to developing solutions that work. We have a large number of community partners, with whom we work closely to develop community programmes of activity, and new ways of working.  Our centre charity partners include:


Cosgrove Care

Scottish Association for Mental Health

Bone Cancer Research Trust

Yorkshire Air Ambulance


Twenty Twenty

The Children's Society

Children’s Hospice South West

Rays of Sunshine

Evolve Housing & Support

Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice Service

Two Saints

Make A Wish Ireland

Inner City Helping the Homeless

St Francis Hospice