Daring Developers take on Hammerson

9 Mar 2018

Hammerson proudly hosted Enabling Enterprise, and Year 5 students from Preston Park Primary School, 8th March at Kings Place. The event focused on getting students to use their imaginations and putting eight types of enterprise skills to the test, with support from Hammerson volunteers.

The challenge

The morning session started with Hammerson volunteers, Colin Farrow and Tom Webster, introducing Hammerson to the students. They told them a bit about what Hammerson does as a business, assets, and current developments taking place, like  Brent Cross. 

Following this, Hammerson volunteers, Robert Egan, Barbra Lees and Nichola Hutson, participated in an 'interviewing session'. Students quizzed our volunteers about their different roles, responsibilities, and the Enterprise Skills required to do their jobs. 

After lunch, and before the students started the challenge...we gave them a tour of our boardroom and terrace. One student said, “You are so lucky to have this space, and to see some London’s greatest tourist attractions!” 

The students then reconciled to create their own hypothetical, retail re-development companies. The challenge set was to 'build' a retail centre based on an existing site, incorporating technology and eco-friendly features into their 3D designs. Hammerson volunteers said overall they were very impressed with the students’ awareness of well-being, knowledge on green technologies, and how well they worked together in teams. 

To end the day, one by one we got the development teams to present their ideas to a panel of 'potential investors' (Hammerson volunteers). Guy Wells, Jindi Pank, Louise Ellison, Nichola Hutson and Richard Quartermaine provided feedback to each team, identifying the enterprise skills demonstrated, what they liked about each design, and then selected a winning team.

Some reflections

This event demonstrates our commitment to work with local communities to: inspire and equip students of the world in which we work in, develop their enterprise skills, provide an understanding on the experiences of the world of work, and support their aspirations to succeed.

A teacher said, “This is a really great opportunity for the kids. It is lovely to see them working so well together, especially when they’re all mixed and from different classes.” 

Hammerson’s Group Head of sustainability, Louise Ellison, said: “It was so lovely to welcome the children into our offices and introduce them to a business they wouldn’t normally see. 

They really impressed me in how they supported each other during their presentations, and how inquisitive they were about Hammerson.

I also want to say a big thank to all the volunteers from Hammerson who came forward at short notice.”

Through the dedication and commitment of Hammerson employees to volunteer, another positive stride was taken on the 8th March 2018 to deliver on its Net Positive socio-economic impacts.