Enabling Enterprise visit King's Place

13 May 2019

On the 9th May, Hammerson's head office hosted Enabling Enterprise, and pupils from Lavender Primary School. The event focused on helping students develop their creativity and team work skills through a retail challenge.

The Challenge Day

The day started off with students interviewing volunteers, James Rogers and Zoe Long, to find out about their different roles, responsibilities and the Essential Skills required to do their jobs. They particularly focused on how the volunteers use both Creativity and Teamwork in their roles which shows how the skills the would be developing through the challenge are used 'in the real world'.

Students then went on a tour of the office space and out onto the terrace. This allowed the teams to see the great variety of jobs available in the retail industry and what a business environment looks like. The view also allowed the pupils to display an impressive knowledge of the London skyline!

Next onto the challenge...  

Revamping Retail 

The challenge is called Revamping Retail and sets the pupils the task of becoming shop and floor plan designers. In groups, the children are required to design a brand-new retail space. 

The pupils looked at examples of the perfect floor plan (and what is not!) and brainstormed some never-seen-before features which would elevate the retail experience. They also made sure to consult their volunteers on the placement of key requirements such as tills and product displays. 

Finally, the teams were off to create their own new stores. The task required students to negotiate and delegate tasks, sometimes finding a need to compromise,  all the whilst coming up with creative ideas and solutions. Some of the ideas in the room included Skittle fountains, VR test zone and automatic outfit raters; thus demonstrating the development of their creativity, and perhaps the future of retail.  

Finally, the teams presented their ideas back to a panel of volunteer judges, chaired by Jindi Pank. The presentations took the form of a virtual tour of their new premises and allowed the students to show off their creative and theatrical flair, whilst developing crucial confidence and presentation skills. 

The winning team were selected for their excellent, clear presentation which demonstrated teamwork and creative ideas including a fashion cafe.

It is so worthwhile for the children to come out to a business like this to see how the skills they learn at school can be applied elsewhere.

Teacher, Lavender Primary School

I was really impressed with their presentation techniques! Each team took a creative approach. They were all engaging that it was hard to choose a winner.

Hammerson Volunteer

I enjoyed all the activities. My favourite part was coming up with ideas in my team of what we will put inside our shop.

Year 4 Pupil,Lavender Primary School