Two new installations in King's Place

18 Jun 2019

New green walls and a N.A.P are boosting the health and wellbeing of colleagues at Hammerson head office.

Clean Air Day is taking place on the 20th of June. This year has seen a large focus on air quality with World Environment Day hosted by China and concentrating on air quality. During this time, Hammerson head office is taking part in a trial of new technology to improve the indoor air quality.

It is not just the polluted air from congested cities to be aware of; indoor air quality is also an issue which requires focus. We spend 90% of our days indoors breathing air which circulates and deteriorates in quality over the day as humidity and CO2 levels rise. Furthermore, these buildings draw in the air from outside – often already polluted from vehicles. As such, indoor air pollution has been ranked in the top five risks to public health by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Hammerson’s head office in King’s Cross has been lucky enough to receive two indoor green walls as a part of a six week trial with Naava. Fresh from demonstrating at Clerkenwell Design Week, the walls have been installed in two meeting rooms which often suffer from poor air quality. The walls work best within enclosed spaces, allowing the air to be filtered through the installation and users to feel the benefits.

The green walls bring nature inside and provide numerous benefits as a biological air purifier, humidifier, living wall, space divider and whiteboard in all one. The cleaner, filtered air is proved to help office productivity by improving cognitive function, reducing fatigue, and limiting the spread of illness.

To test the functionality of the green walls we have installed air quality monitors in the rooms with the green wall and control room before the installation. After the trial, we will be able to examine the effect of the green wall on the room as well as how the green walls perform throughout the day with the usual cycle of meetings. We will also be surveying colleagues to examine their perceptions of the green walls. Watch this space to learn about the results.

Concurrently, we are trialing a new technology to improve the health and wellbeing of colleagues in King’s Place.

Also on loan from Naava, is a Neuron Activation Pod (N.A.P), a groundbreaking Finish technology and specifically designed for office life.

The pod uses neuro-sonic technology and very-low frequency vibrations to provide natural relaxation and promote recovery mechanisms. Simply put, the pod guides users into a meditation-like state to soothe and prevent stress-like symptoms. The pod comes with a variety of programmes including a 10-minute cycle to boost energy levels, reduce headaches and give a refreshing break to help colleagues work more efficiently.

Among other benefits, the pod promotes higher sleep quality, alleviates pain, relieves stress and promotes muscle recovery.

Once again, we will be survey colleagues after the pod trial to learn about how they interacted with the N.A.P and the perceived benefits.