Our Corporate Responsibility Data and Performance 2014

We are delighted to have achieved our key 5-year carbon reduction target a year early, having reduced carbon emissions from our like-for-like portfolio by 20% against the 2010 baseline.

Our performance to the end of 2014 shows:

  • A further 9% reduction year on year in carbon emissions from our like-for-like UK shopping centre portfolio, contributing to a 19% reduction against our 2010 baseline. The improvements made across the portfolio have been critical to achieving our key target of 20% reduction against the 2010 baseline a year early.
  • Carbon emissions intensity for the UK Shopping Centre portfolio improved again in 2014, falling from 106 to 96 tonnes co2e/m2 common parts areas.
  • Estimated cost savings through energy efficiencies of £421,000
  • Water consumption reductions across our French Shopping Centre Portfolio enabled us to achieve our targeted 12% reduction a year ahead of schedule 
  • Diversion of 90% of waste from landfill in 2014, saving £2,247,000 in landfill tax for our retail clients 

Reporting Standards and Assurance

Hammerson have provided comprehensive CR reporting since 2009, generating a consistent and growing data set set that details our sustainability progress. Our 2014 CR Data and Performance shows our continued progress against our medium term and annual targets.We align our reporting with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the GRI Construction and Real Estate Sector Supplement, reporting to level B, and with the EPRA Best Practice Reporting guidelines. Our CR report is externally assured. Our reporting statements can be downloaded from this webpage along with our full data report and disclosures. We trust you will find the information here useful and would be very happy to receive feedback.