Moving to Naturally Ventilated Centres

Energy used to heat and cool our Shopping Centres is a major contributor to our carbon emissions. Moving to natural ventilation simply makes good sense.

We have worked with natural ventilation specialists Breathing Buildings to carry  out an assessment of the potential for moving to natural ventilation at our Shopping Centres.  Being mindful of the need to maintain a comfortable environment for our consumers and for our retailers working within the centres, we are carrying out a series of year long studies to assess performance in a range of ventilation modes.  Some of our centres, for example High Cross have moved to natural ventilation and have seen the benefits in efficiency with no loss of comfort.  For others, particularly the older assets such as Brent Cross and those with a high thermal mass in densely built areas such as Bull Ring, this is more challenging.  We are implementing a mixed mode strategy in these assets which we expect to continue to reduce energy consumption.  

A similar approach has been adopted in our French assets.  Whilst a natural ventilation strategy would not be appropriate in our new centre in Marsaille because of the climate, we are designing our centre at Beauvais as a naturally ventilated asset. 

The Outcome

This project has generated energy savings at our centres which are passed on to our customers through lower service charges.  Overall energy consumption at our UK shopping centres has fallen by 17% since 2010.  More details on our performance can be found on our Data and Performance web page.