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A showcase of some of our delivered and planned activity around Positive Places, giving you a chance to delve a little deeper into the areas that interest you.

Daring Developers take on Hammerson

9 Mar 2018

Hammerson proudly hosted Enabling Enterprise, and Year 5 students from Preston Park Primary School, 8th March at Kings Place. The event focused on getting students to use their imaginations and putting eight types of enterprise skills to the test, with support from Hammerson volunteers.

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Hammerson releases new video to celebrate World Green Building Week

2 Oct 2017

To mark World Green Building Week 2017, Hammerson has released a short video celebrating the company’s industry leading sustainability strategy.

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Community Day 2017

12 Jun 2017

Thursday 8th June saw Hammerson complete its tenth successful Community Day.

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Croydon Partnership supports H.E.A.R. The Runway

12 Jun 2017

In 2016, Tanya Gabrielle a resident of Croydon who is deaf, was successful in applying for a £2,000 grant award from the Croydon Partnership to deliver ‘H.E.A.R. The Runway’.

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Life Less Plastic

2 Jun 2017

Hammerson employees from 10 retail destinations across the UK, including the Bullring in Birmingham, have been working together to become more sustainable through everyday acts. The teams are part of a challenge on The Butterfly Bank, a platform where companies can invite employees to find, take and record actions to do a little good. Since the end of 2015 the nearly 400 strong team of employees from Hammerson have banked an impressive 52,000 actions. Every action recorded on the site banks ‘virtual butterflies’ a currency designed to reflect the fact that the number of butterflies indicate the health of our environment.

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Pop Up Business School at The Oracle

3 May 2017

On the 21st and 22nd of April The Oracle provided 7 Pop Up Business School participants with trading space on the lower mall.

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50,000 actions recorded by Hammerson employees

27 Apr 2017

Hammerson joined up with The Butterfly Bank in 2015 to open our own bespoke branch of the innovative engagement platform. Our employees can find community, environmental and health and wellbeing actions to take at work and at home. They record uptake, share stories and inspire each other with peer designed, sustainability focused actions. Since the launch, employees from across three offices and ten shopping centres have been actively recording sustainable behaviours and community actions. To date they have recorded an impressive 50,000 actions. Each action earns a number of virtual butterflies that are 'banked' via the platform.

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