Environmental Policy

Hammerson is one of Europe's leading property investment and development companies whose principal activities include the acquisition, development and management of retail properties.

Hammerson recognises the importance of taking a proactive, strategic approach to environmental management and strives to be at the forefront of this area within the property industry. This pursuit of excellence is facilitated by an Environmental Management System (EMS) that enables the targeting and public reporting of our environmental performance. 

Our Commitments

Our business activities have substantial impacts on the natural and built environment at all stages of the property cycle. We have therefore set out two overarching commitments to our stakeholders. 

These are: 

  • To use best practice in the design and planning of our developments to ensure they respect their locations and enhance the built environment.
  • To design and build properties using sustainable materials and practices and manage these properties efficiently, leading to lower consumption of natural resources and to reductions in waste and emissions generated during our properties’ lifecycles. 

Managing our Impacts

We comply with and go beyond all relevant legislation and other requirements. By conducting regular and independent reviews of our progress, as well as through engagement with stakeholders, we aim to achieve continual improvement. This is facilitated by our Positive Places framework and Net Positive 2030 ambition. 

Rigorous annual target setting and monitoring across our business focus on the following key objectives: 

  • to reduce our carbon footprint
  • to maximise the efficiency of our use of natural resources
  • to protect the environment by preventing pollution and promoting restoration In 2021, we will continue to focus on enhancing data quality to support Net Positive, reduction and reuse of waste through the waste hierarchy, and generating renewable energy. 
Taking a collaborative approach 

All employees, advisers and contractors have a part to play if Hammerson is to meet its environmental objectives. Likewise, Hammerson recognises its influence on the environmental performance of its supply chain, set out in our complementary Responsible Procurement Policy. 


Responsibility for overall governance and implementation of this policy lies with Hammerson’s CR Group, which is also tasked with periodically reviewing the policy to ensure applicability and adherence to best practice. Responsibility for overseeing this policy and ensuring it is upheld lies with the Chief Executive and Chairman of Hammerson’s CR Board, Rita-Rose Gagne.

A signed copy of this Environmental Policy is available to download from the menu on right hand side of this page.