Hammerson Health and Safety Policy

Positive Places are safe places. Safeguarding our employees, customers and suppliers is a constant for our business.

“Our commitment to health and safety comes from the highest level within the business. We aim to manage our activities so as to avoid any unnecessary or unacceptable health and safety risks to our employees or visitors as a result of our business activities. We have a consistently strong record in this regards, achieved by our strategic focus on key priorities."

Zoe Osborne, Health & Safety Manager, Hammerson plc

Health and Safety Policy

Key Strategic Priorities

  • Reducing occupational exposure to workplace hazards
  • Ensuring all customers have an enjoyable and safe visit
  • Maintaining regulatory compliance against all relevant European legislative codes to continuously develop and strengthen our health and safety arrangements


Keeping the Business safe - Health and Safety Governance

The Hammerson Group Health and Safety Committee meets quarterly and is chaired by James Lenton, Director responsible for Health and Safety.  All geographic areas and activities of the business are represented on the committee.

An update of key risks, significant events and other matters of interest are discussed at monthly meetings by the Director responsible for Health and Safety, Head of Shopping Centre Management and the Health and Safety Manager.

Once each quarter the monthly meetings are held on site at assets to enable a physical safety review to be conducted and to provide an opportunity for the management teams to discuss health and safety with the Director responsible for Health and Safety.


Managing External Safety Impacts

Hammerson remains ‘Crisis Ready’ and alert to any external threats that might affect the safety of our staff and visitors. A monthly intelligence report is prepared by the Health and Safety Manager providing a worldwide review of current hostilities and horizon scanning to support preparedness at all Hammerson properties.

Health and Safety Governance Structure