Volunteering Policy

We aim to deliver innovative volunteering programmes that aim to positively benefit local communities whilst providing supplementary benefits to both employees and the business.

Our Commitments

Hammerson is a committed and active corporate citizen; we recognise the impact of our core business activities upon the local communities in which we operate. We seek to deliver innovative volunteering programmes that aim to positively benefit local communities whilst providing supplementary benefits to both our employees and the business.

The aims of the Volunteering Policy are to:

  • Deliver tangible long-term benefits to the local communities in which we operate
  • Demonstrate Hammerson’s commitment to learning and development for staff by providing skills based volunteering opportunities
  • Motivate staff by supporting and recognising community activities that staff identify and care about, therefore ensuring Hammerson is an employer of choice
  • Promote teambuilding and networking opportunities
  • Raise awareness of local and cultural issues amongst staff

The Policy

The volunteering policy will entitle staff to the equivalent of three paid working days (22.5 hours) that can be used throughout the year, for volunteering based activities, which includes the Hammerson Community Day, that all staff participate in annually.

Activities will be identified by staff interested in volunteering and then approved by the CR and HR Departments. Activities will be selected that align to the Hammerson Community Strategy and/or skills development framework. Volunteering activities can be offered as a method to develop skills as identified through the PDR process. Line managers must agree with individuals that the volunteering activity will address identified skill development requirements. If appropriate, line managers can use the volunteering entitlement to develop the skills of their team in a group project.

Long Term Programmes - On a discretionary basis Hammerson may also approve additional days for long-term volunteering opportunities, for example the Haiti Hospital working visit.

For further details employees can find the process and procedures on the Hammerson Intranet.

Hammerson is committed to reporting staff volunteering time annually through the community investment data tool. The data collected forms part of the CR reporting for community Key Performance Indicators.


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