Positive Growth Awards

Hammerson is committed to creating retail destinations that deliver positive impacts economically, socially and environmentally. Positive Places, with its five founding commitments, is our plan for making that happen. In 2016, we launched The Positive Growth Scheme as part of our commitment to Partner & Collaborate with our retailers, working together to ensure we can create a more sustainable retail model.

Positive Growth is a retailer engagement scheme that will award individual retail stores an award status for their sustainability, and provide help and support to improve and celebrate this.The scheme covers five areas of sustainability: Energy, water, waste, products and people.

The awards available to a store range from a basic Membership Level, which reflects a commitment to monitor and improve sustainability performance, through to an advanced Platinum level, which reflects best practice in store sustainability.

The awards allow store teams to celebrate their achievements and showcase them to employees and customers.

How to get involved with the Positive Growth Scheme

Nine of our UK shopping centres ran the Positive Growth Scheme in 2016 and will continue to run the awards for 2017.  

If you are a retailer in a Hammerson shopping centre please and would like to get involved please speak to a member of your centre team who can arrange for the centre Environmental Coordinator to provide you with further details.

Here's a brief outline of how it works:

  1. Sign you retail store up as a member of the scheme
  2. Complete an online assessment to ensure you meet member criteria, and to receive your Positive Growth Award status - bronze, silver, gold or Platinum. 
  3. Receive a report outlining the criteria you'll need to meet to move to the next level and guidance on how to do this.  You'll be supported by the centre team to help work towards meeting criteria and achiveing the best level for your store.  we'll also help you to promote this to customers and other retailers.

The benefits of getting involved in the Positive Growth Scheme

 At store level…
  • Reward and Recognition – gain recognition for your store team as they make changes to make your store more sustainable
  • Protect our environment – reduce the environment impacts of the store
  • New Skills – learn new skills to help you deliver onsustainability targets in the future
  • Connect with Other Stores – connect with other store managers across your company to see how they are performing, and collaborate todrive and celebrate change
  • It’s Complimentary – the Positive Growth scheme is funded by Hammerson so it’s completely free for your store to take part

At National level…
  • Practical Support - The scheme is designed to help support your store teams in delivering practical on the ground improvements to the environmental performance of their stores, whilst helping them to develop new skills and knowledge.
  • Deliver on National Strategy - Positive Growth could support adoption of your sustainability strategy at store level
  • Recognise and Reward - It’s a great, simple way to recognise those store teams leading the way in your company

Collaboration Opportunities...

In addition to the above, we hope the scheme will present opportunities for us to work with you across the portfolio on other areas of sustainability, from shop fits to consumer engagement. Please get in touch with your centre team or sustainability@hammerson.com to discuss the potential further.