A trip to Blair Drummond Safari Park for locals

14 Aug 2014

Silverburn cares supported the local befriending team within Volunteer Scotland to enable 20 local youths to have a summer trip to Blair Drummond Safari Park.

The donation made by Silverburn Cares ensured that travel and admission was taken care of. This opportunity gave the young people a chance to engage with their peers and provided a much needed confidence/self esteem boost and a chance to experience an activity normally out with their reach.

Silverburn supports the befriending unit to provide young people with new learned social skills, in particular how to manage a busy environment, and through the positivity and support of their befrienders, engaged well with park staff and respected the advice given to them. This was a first time experience for the majority of the Young people and they now have an understanding of what’s expected of them on future visits to places where boundaries are important.

"As support workers this activity gave us the opportunity to observe befriending matches and how they interact and engage with each other. It also helped us assess young people’s ability to function in a larger group. That said the overriding aim of the day was to provide a fun and exciting experience that young people would remember and gain confidence from and through your support this has been achieved" (Befriender)

"If it wasn’t for Silverburn we would never have been able to go to the Safari." (Boy aged 11)

"Thank you for a brilliant day, everything was awesome." (Girl aged 11)