Silverburn helps those who have fallen by The Wayside

20 Aug 2014

The Silverburn Management Team has recently started helping out at The Wayside, a local homeless centre in Glasgow.

David Pierotti (General Manager) and Craig Francis (Environmental Services Manager) both went to the Centre a number of times and offered their colleagues the opportunity to become involved. Emma Mills (Commercialisation Manager) and Stephen Nichol (Building Services Manager) were two more colleagues who attended the Centre to help out a few months ago The latest round of volunteers included Scarlett Hill (Marketing Coordinator) and Julie Allan (PA to David Pierotti) who went along on Monday 19th August with Craig. 

When the team arrived, they were greeted by one of the organisers Brian, who promptly took to showing them around. Within the building there are a kitchen, consultation rooms, a chapel, an office, a first aid room, dining room, showers, laundry facilities and a storage area for belongings. 

At 7.30pm they open the doors to the public. Whilst Craig helped in the kitchen, both Julie and Scarlett were put to work in the dining room. The Silverburn volunteers were joined by volunteers from mixed backgrounds including some oversees students studying nearby and some local retirees.    

Before the service of food, the Centre organises Bingo where chocolate or cigarettes can be won. After this, there are drinks served at the table (milk being favored over fruit squashes). Whilst The Wayside works to prepare the meals, Pret a Manger also donate sandwiches to The Centre and tea, coffee and biscuits are served after the meals.

One of the volunteers Julie, even noticed that a lot of those coming to The Wayside just came for the hot beverages served after the meal and to play cards. "For some, I think it's a chance to get out of the cold and rain" she noted.

By 8.30pm, most people were leaving or had left so then it is time for the volunteers to get to cleaning up. Craig, Scarlett and Julie set about  clearing away the dishes, washing up and wiping down tables and food preparation surfaces. At approximately 9.30pm the volunteers finished up.

"This is an experience I will not forget quickly and I think it is something I will definitely do again, either with members of the Silverburn Team or on my own. I am humbled by the volunteers who attend each week and by the organisers who, after years of helping, still seem enthusiastic. I am also in awe of the human spirit where people who (for whatever reason) do not have access to the most basic of things such as food and accommodation and who still reprimand others in the same position for being rude and are polite, grateful and humorous with those helping them." Julie Allan.