Our Positive Places Commitments

Positive Places incorporates and represents all sustainability activity at Hammerson including our new objective - to become net positive by 2030.

Five core commitments underpin the way we think and behave as we create more positive places. These commitments each have their own set of targets and actions with key programmes for delivery. They reflect our commitment to leadership, partnership, the protection of our environment and support of our communities and the importance of our people in delivering and managing complex, challenging projects. These commitments will help to focus our efforts as we strive to achieve our ambitious sustainability vision and Net Positive objective. 

Our Commitments

Challenge and Innovate: We will challenge the status quo and trial new approaches and solutions to support the transition to a net positive business

Serve and Invest: We will deliver social value to the communities we serve, measured in net positive jobs, skills, civic pride and investment

Protect and Enhance: We will protect and enhance our natural environment by minimising resource consumption and delivering restorative projects to deliver a net positive environmental impact

Partner and Collaborate: We will take a stakeholder led approach to create collaborative projects that deliver net positive outcomes

Upskill and Inspire: We will invest in our people, as well as recognising and rewarding those delivering change that delivers on our net positive objective

Challenge and Innovate

We will challenge the status q...

Serve and Invest

We will deliver social value t...

Protect and Enhance

We will protect and enhance ou...

Partner and Collaborate

We will take a stakeholder led...

Upskill and Inspire

We will invest in our people,...

Net Positive

In 2017, we added a new objective for our Positive Places strategy - to become Net Positive for carbon, resource use, water and socio-economic impacts by 2030. The objective re-shapes our sustainability vision, making it more ambitious than ever before. To achieve this bold vision we have clear targets. 

Our existing five positive places commitments will remain the key way we ensure every team across the business is focused on our end goal: to create retail destinations that deliver net positive impacts. These commitments shape our attitude to design, the way we work with local communities and our relationships with our stakeholders. 

Find out more about our Net Positive objective and five year targets below. 

Our Net Positive Targets

We aim to be Net Positive for...