Our Commitment to Serve and Invest


Our assets deliver important social value in the communities we serve, measured for example, in jobs, skills, civic pride and investment. Our Serve and Invest commitment ensures that the communities in which our assets are located, and their needs, are reflected in the way we design and manage our destinations. 

Our new objective to become Net Positive for socio-economic impacts by 2030 pushes our Serve and Invest commitment further. 

Key Serve and Invest Initiatives

Placemaking Study: In order to help us understand the value we can deliver, clarify metrics for Net Positive, and to set a clear baseline from which to monitor progress we have undertaken and extensive place-making study.   

The results will help to shape both national and locally specific plans to ensure we optimise the opportunities for positive impacts both during the development phase of new assets, but also over the lifetime of our operational assets. 

Outcome-orientated KPIs: In order to ensure each project we invest in, whether it's a charity partnership or a community programme, delivers meaningful impacts, we will set outcome-orientated KPIs, developed using the London Benchmarking Group model and adapted over the lifetime of each project. We set asset specific community plans that adapt according to geographical needs. There are four consistent themes which flow through each Plan - Health and Wellbeing, Regeneration, Skills and Employment for Young People and Enterprise, which align with the focus of the business. 

Engaging our communities in design: We are committed to understanding and responding to locally specific community needs and adapting to the needs of a changing population. 

In order to ensure our developments deliver positive impacts for the local community, are inclusive and accessible, community design workshops are held for all UK shopping centre developments and major extensions. 

Supporting Volunteering: Hammerson is committed to supporting employees in serving their local community through volunteering.  Since 2013, Hammerson has provided at least 3 days of paid volunteering to all employees. We aim to deliver innovative volunteering programmes that will positively benefit local communities whilst providing benefits to both employees and the business.

Charity Partnerships: Every two years Hammerson selects two charity partners to work with. These are selected on the basis of a staff vote. A short list, developed from staff suggestions, is drawn up and the short listed charities are invited in to present at a breakfast meeting. The staff are all then invited to vote and the two winning charities are announced.

Serve and Invest Programmes

Below you can see more on some of our core Serve and Invest initiatives. You can also keep up to date with progress via the Blog and our Initiatives page.

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