Community day 2016

16 Jun 2016

​On the 10th June 2016, Hammerson had it’s annual Community Day, which coincided with National Volunteering Week ( With 220 employees covering 18 activities, Hammerson was well spread across a multitude of locations from Bristol to Aberdeen. Whether it was building fences, painting walls, inspiring children or refereeing, there was something for all staff to get involved with.

Locally Relevant Activities

Activities were selected based on proximity to our business activities and fit with our community investment focus areas. They were all promoted through Hammerson's bespoke version of The Butterfly Bank platform, meaning that employees could explore what was happening across the UK and select an activity that appealed to them.  

Once again, our headliner was SportInspired, who engaged 240 primary and secondary school children in the Reading area. This activity connected the local community through sporting activities, with the aim of inspiring new skills, relationships and opportunities.

In Central London, there were four activities taking place:

Fence building and weeding at Freightliners Farm, making interactive games and props at Body & Soul, building a staircase and various other DIY projects at Crumbles Castle Adventure Playground and encouraging and lending support to young students through Enabling Enterprise.

We also hosted four events through our development/asset teams in London:

Our annual Brent Cross River Clean Up, DIY projects with Barnet Homes, and refurbishment of an ex-offenders hostel with the Home Agency in Croydon and gardening and DIY at the Templeton Centre for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Activities at our retail centres:

Our shopping centre teams organised a range of events, with some centres running activities over a week including the famous Highcross community week! Manor Walks also represented retail parks with Active Northumberland. There were also two activities in Leeds - the first ever time!