50,000 actions recorded by Hammerson employees

27 Apr 2017

Hammerson joined up with The Butterfly Bank in 2015 to open our own bespoke branch of the innovative engagement platform. Our employees can find community, environmental and health and wellbeing actions to take at work and at home. They record uptake, share stories and inspire each other with peer designed, sustainability focused actions. Since the launch, employees from across three offices and ten shopping centres have been actively recording sustainable behaviours and community actions. To date they have recorded an impressive 50,000 actions. Each action earns a number of virtual butterflies that are 'banked' via the platform.

In November 2016 we launched the latest challenge on the Butterfly Bank platform - to bank 1 million butterflies.  This 'currency' on the site reflects the fact that butterflies are an indicator species, meaning that the more butterflies there are, the healthier our planet. With over 600,000 virtual butterflies banked since the launch of our latest challenge, employees are well over half way towards the latest target and should be very proud of themselves. 

In Responsible Business Week 2017, employees recorded over 500 actions in just five days earning thousands more butterflies.  Actions range from making sure your dishwasher is full before switching it on, to volunteering on Hammerson mentoring schemes with local schools.

Here's a taste of what's been going on so far... 

The annual Hammerson Community Day saw over 250 employees take on a volunteering day in 2016. Community Day will run again in June 2017.  This will be the 10th consecutive year we have run the Hammerson Community Day and will include our teams in Ireland and France as well as the UK.

Over 24,000 sustainable actions have been recorded since the start of this new challenge. The most popular have been those linked to the Love Forests theme. We've released new actions every month that provide topical things for people to do at home, as well as at work.

We've created Hammerson specific actions and designed ways to embed activity at work, such as our shared book club in Hammerson's Reading Office (that's our office in Reading, not our office for reading in!).

We've used the DIY function to enable employees to suggest their own ideas and then promote them to colleagues using the site. These actions are tracked in order to recognise the most inspirational DIY each month and how many people they inspire. Our most inspirational DIY was from Nicola Hares in the Cabot Circus team. Her action to take part in Meat Free Monday has proved very popular; 250 meat free Mondays recorded since the action was launched in April 2016.

Our Bespoke Branch

We worked with Coriander Cows, the creators of The Butterfly Bank to shape our own bespoke version of their platform, enabling unique volunteering themes designed to showcase our priority areas for community engagement. The Sustainability Team here have established a series of partnerships with community groups who need volunteers, and these activities are promoted via the platform, making it easy to find and sign up to volunteering.

The branch has gone from strength to strength with over 80% of UK employees from our offices and shopping centres active on the site. Due to the nature of our shopping centre teams, we have also invited employees from VSG, ABM and Integral to join in, with a team leader recording activity on their behalf, this ensures the wider centre teams can get involved. Over 25 teams from these major contractors are involved. 

A 'recognition wall' showcases top performers every month, including the top 'Butterflier', an Action Hero and creator of the most inspirational DIY action. 

What next?

We are fast approaching the target for 1 million butterflies, so we’ll soon be celebrating outstanding employee efforts in achieving that goal. Until then, we’ll be launching new actions monthly to inspire our employees to take action in creating a more sustainable future, now.

We'd love more companies setting their own Butterfly Banking challenges. It would give us the chance to share inspirational stories, actions and ideas. Find out more at thebutterflybank.co.uk