​49 Digital High Street Workshops

2 Aug 2016

With the launch of our new Community Engagement Report, we are celebrating each of the headline achievements featured. Here we talk about our Digital High Street Skills Programme which helped us to deliver 49 workshops between 2013 and 2016.

The pace of technological developments over the past twenty years means that there is a need to ensure digital skills are built within our communities, supporting business development, employment and health and wellbeing. Hammerson has established a number of partnerships with providers of digital training and Skills Academies across the country, to support the creation and delivery of Digital High Street events.

Digital High Street Skills Programme

The Digital High Street Skills Programme has been developed by People 1st Training, in partnership with the National Skills Academy for Retail and the Association of Town and City Management (ATCM). The programme was delivered in Croydon, Leeds, Methyr Tydfil and Southampton.

The programme comprises three modules: 

  • Understand your Customer and Digital Marketing, 
  • Develop your Business Online and 
  • Grow your business through Social Media. 

The tailor-made programmes help small businesses across a broad spectrum of digital skills, from developing a website to using email marketing and social media. The course is designed to equip businesses with the confidence, skills and tools they need to benefit from the rapid growth of e-tailing and ultimately increase their bottom line.

Victoria Gate Digital Skills Workshops, Leeds

The courses were fully funded by Hammerson as part of the Victoria Gate Community Plan.  They took place at ‘The Leeds Garage’ a pop-up space in Leeds Dock, which is a part of ‘The Digital Garage’ Google initiative. The multi-million pound scheme is designed to help 200,000 British businesses learn crucial skills for the digital age.

“We are excited to support small businesses with making the most out of the Internet. Connectivity has provided a wealth of opportunity for businesses to grow, communicate with their customers and increase their bottom line and it’s important to us that small businesses are able to take advantage of this. The Digital High Street Skills Programme is a perfect way of delivering these skills and we are delighted to be sponsoring 12 places and making this knowledge accessible for everyone.”

Jon Brookes, Community Manager at Hammerson

Leeds City Council’s deputy leader and executive member for resources and strategy, Councilor James Lewis, said: 

“Leeds is a city proud of its local independent businesses and the Digital High Street Skills programme offers training that could benefit each and every one of them. Now more than ever it’s important for businesses to be online. Even something as simple as a page on social media can raise awareness and bring in customers, local or otherwise. Thanks to this innovation local businesses can open themselves up to millions of potential customers.”

More information on the course content, including testimonials, can be found online at www.digitalhighstreetskills.co.uk