66 Work Experience Opportunities

2 Aug 2016

With the launch of our new Community Engagement Report, we are celebrating each of the headline achievements featured. Here we talk about work experience across our portfolio that helped to deliver 66 work experience opportunities between 2013 and 2016. ​

Every shopping centre in the UK portfolio offers work experience opportunities to young people from the local area. Each centre differs in their approach and over the three years since 2013, we have invited 66 young people in to the centres to experience work.

The National Takeover Challenge

A great example of work experience with a creative edge comes from the Highcross team in Leicester.

11 members of Highcross staff, including senior management, had their jobs taken over by young people aged 11-16, as part of the National Takeover Challenge – an initiative from the Children's Commissioner for England and Wales.

Roles taken over included the Highcross General Manager, Deputy General Manager, Sales & Admin Manager Customer Service Manager, Security Manager, Maintenance Manager and more.

“I really enjoy taking part in the Takeover challenge and there is certainly a buzz in the team on the build-up. It’s great to see the young people so keen to learn and be so engaging with the entire team which allows everyone to feel involved even if they haven’t been ‘taken over’.

There is a sense of pride and excitement on the day and the youngsters all truly become part of the team. Having young people working with us changes the whole dynamic, I love their energy and curiosity. I’m hoping next year we can do it all again but make it even bigger than this year.”

- Jo Tallack, Highcross General Manager

The young people came from a range of areas across the city including Braunstone, Beaumont Leys, Thurnby Lodge and New Parks. They participated in a number of pre - Takeover Day meetings that saw them get to know the job role and staff member they were going to be working with.

“I have learned so many things about Highcross and the team of staff who make the shopping centre run, so much goes into making it work.

Getting to learn about the world of work is really important for people like me, having the chance to ‘Takeover’ real peoples jobs and work alongside them give them my opinions and ideas was a great experience. I would recommend Takeover day to all adults and young people”.

- Mia Northern, young person