Budding entrepreneurs visit Hammerson offices

13 Feb 2017

Enabling Enterprise visited our offices once again to exhibit the future entrepreneurs of Retail!

Our kind volunteers offered up their day to help students from William Tyndale (a local Islington based school) take part in the Retail Revelations Challenge. Through a challenge focused on creativity and teamwork, the children had to work hard to come up with original ideas to bring even more customers flooding to a new shopping centre. Having learnt that these centres are not just about shopping, the children had to think about what else could draw in potential customers. Gaining inspiration from their tour through our office, the children had to apply their imaginative minds to design something completely new.

This is how one of the groups presented their shopping centre idea: “Close your eyes and imagine you are walking on water… Have you ever had such an amazing experience? If not, you should come to our futuristic shopping centre!” – Student, William Tyndale

The students excelled at demonstrating their enterprise skills. They impressed with their original ideas and use of imagination, were great at working together in their teams and listening carefully to each other in their design activities and wowed our panel of judges in the presentation stage. A very strong performance all day! 

Here’s what was said about the day:

“I think the children gained a lot from learning about new career choices and having the opportunity to design a shopping centre based on the info provided by the current employees. It was a fantastic day!” – Teacher, William Tyndale

“I’m not the kind of person that’s used to working with children, but today has been a fantastic experience.”– Volunteer, Hammerson

“Thanks to Hammerson for such a great trip day.” – Employee, Enabling Enterprise