B&Q Eco Learning Store

9 Jan 2015

We formulated a new specification with B&Q to meet their Net Positive sustainability objectives for a flagship Eco-Learning store at Cyfarthfa Retail Park, Merthyr Tydfil. Construction of the store began in 2013 and was completed in Summer 2014.

The standard of the store’s environmental performance includes being 50% above the industry benchmark (2010 Part L), achieving an EPC rating, and containing 23% less embodied carbon relative to buildings of this type.

Working together on formulating a new specification to meet B&Q’s ‘Net Positive’ objectives, we have taken an unprecedented single client design approach, representing a breakthrough in landlord and tenant collaboration. Rather than B&Q and ourselves each working with our own separate design teams, we have worked together with a single shared team. 

Translating B&Q’s aspirations means that its new store must:
• Demonstrate a sustainable approach that is replicable and scalable.
• Meet B&Q’s current operational requirements
• Be flexible and future proof to respond to changing market needs.
• Be commercially viable

• Be subject to a post-occupancy evaluation after 18 months

The new store was handed over in mid 2014 and opened for business later in the year. We in the process of working with the contractor, BAM, to finalise the environmental and community data on the project.