Celebrating Sustainable Suppliers with the Release of our 2014 Annual Supplier Report

10 Apr 2015

As a property development and asset management company, much of our business activity is delivered through our supply chain. Since 2013, we have been using a systematic but simple approach to monitoring the sustainability standards of our suppliers with an annual survey . Here's a taster of our latest findings...

Some Headlines from our 2014 Survey

    Here are some headlines from our survey carried out in 2014...
  • 174 suppliers have now completed our online supply chain survey, 62 completing it in 2014.
  • Three suppliers achieved Platinum level this year, scoring over 95 out of a possible 100 in the questionnaire: Wates Interiors and Retail, Vinci Construction and Keltbray.
  • A further four suppliers achieved Gold, in addition to the ten suppliers achieving Gold in 2013.
  • An impressive 87% of our suppliers have their own Corporate Responsibility policy, illustrating that this is increasingly astandard approach for all types of business.
  • Key areas for specific initiatives include waste and energy reduction; over 90% of our suppliers have specific initiatives in these areas, followed by responsible procurement of materials (82%).These are key areas of focus for us as they are central to our material environmental impacts so it is important that we are working with suppliers who have a developed understanding of the role they can play in managing down impacts.

Download the full report - Hammerson Supplier Report 2014

Our Response

“We are delighted with the progress our Supply Chain survey and report are showing across our supply chain. As a major purchaser of services and supplies we are conscious of our responsibility both to encourage good practice and to celebrate it.  Many of the companies we work with are putting substantial resource behind their sustainability policies and strategies and it is important to recognise this as part of our tender process.  It is equally important however, to ensure this is a collaborative process that supports the companies we work with as they look to improve or expand their sustainability performance. 

We work with a very wide range of businesses and our online supply chain survey has been successful in raising awareness, encouraging sustainability and recognising good practice. 

Our next project will be to refresh the survey to make it more sector specific but also to reflect the increasingly sophisticated approach companies are taking to this issue.  It is no longer sufficient to simply ask about their policies when there is such a wealth of evidence and impacts that are being delivered.”

Louise Ellison, Head of Sustainability