Hammerson Supplier Sustainability Survey

The Supplier Sustainability Survey is an online questionnaire that gathers key information on potential suppliers’ approaches to sustainability and ensures they are signed up to the Hammerson Supplier Code of Conduct, which includes important issues such as our requirements on bribery, corruption and modern slavery. Suppliers with contracts in excess of £10,000 in any one year may be asked to complete the survey, and it is a requirement for any contracted suppliers of over £100,000 a year to have completed the survey and received a sufficient score, which is verified through the Request for Appointment process.

Why do we run the survey 

We have an ambitious sustainability vision, which includes delivering Net Positive impacts around carbon, water, resource use and socio-economics by 2030. Achieving our targets and vision requires us to work with suppliers to ensure they achieve high sustainability standards.  The survey enables us to capture key information on their own sustainability visions, as well as plans they have in place.  Their completion of the Supplier Survey is an important step in determining their level of understanding of sustainability and in alerting them to the importance of sustainability to Hammerson. The responses to the questionnaire produce a sustainability rating for each supplier: non-rated/bronze/silver/gold/platinum. Our suppliers also receive a feedback report showing areas of strength and potential improvement. 

Our Supplier Survey has been operating since 2013 and over xxx suppliers have completed it. Each year we publish the results of the survey, showcasing which level suppliers achieved.  More on our annual Supplier Sustainability Report below. 

In 2017 we relaunched our supplier survey on a new platform with slightly different questions to suit and accommodate our growing and diverse network of clients.  As we have updated the questionnaire to more effectively capture the sustainability credentials of our supply chain, we have asked our existing key suppliers to complete this new version. 

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Relevance no. 17 - Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development


Relevance to no. 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production:


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Our Annual Supplier Sustainability Report

The survey has been running since 2014, you can download each of our Annual Supplier Survey Reports below.