Terriers Launch Event

13 Jan 2015

The Royal Court Liverpool Trust came to Fairfield Halls in November to launch their highly acclaimed Terriers project to over 400 students and young people in Croydon. The programme centres on a short play, Terriers, performed by actors from the Royal Court Liverpool Trust. The play, ‘explores the moral dilemmas and life changing decisions facing many young people today’.

The thought provoking drama struck a chord with both the students, adults and senior professionals.

One student said: ‘Terriers’ helps you understand gang life and what happens if you join one. It also helps you understand what not to do if ever you are affected by this’ Student, Harris Academy Merton.

Guest speaker, Andy Tarrant, was thoroughly impressed with the performance and felt it was an important message that needed to be shared. ‘I thought that it was very thought provoking and impactive and I welcome it going into Croydon's schools.’ One of the Fairfield patrons added ‘It was very thought provoking. We are still discussing the implications of the message and how it applies to many walks of life, even beyond the “streets”'.

The launch event kicked off a week long programme of drama workshops led by the Royal Court Liverpool actors, with young people in Croydon schools. The students found the sessions hugely informative, interesting and relevant to them. After the performance, 84% of those who previously didn’t know where to go for advice and support in Croydon, felt the performance had equipped them with this information. The success of the programme has meant there are plans to continue running the scheme in 2015; aiming to reach more than 4,000 young people and tailoring the project to different needs.

It is great to see such important message being well received across a range of demographics and will hopefully continue to grow. Well done to the team at the Royal Court Liverpool Trust for delivering an informative programme.

The Terriers' promotional video gives an insight of the programme from the actors themselves.